Duties and roles that are played in the management of a home

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Duties and roles that are played in the management of a home

Managing the home or housekeeping is not as easy as it may sound. Depending on the type of home, the responsibilities can be quite complex. Managing a one room house is definitely not the same as managing a mansion with over ten rooms. Unless it is in the home is of a single man, the task of managing the house usually goes to the woman of the house, the wife or the mother. Although any person can help in the duties, usually the wife is the official manager of the home. Women are naturally gifted in this area and have the skills to maintain a home in ship-shape conditions.

Before acquiring a house, the first thing that one has to consider is the number of people the house is going to house. This will then guide you to knowing how many bedrooms you need in the house. You also need to consider the furniture and items that will be going into the house. For example, if you own lots of kitchen appliances and a huge fridge and/or freezer, you will definitely need to get a house with a big kitchen.

When you have acquired your home and you have settled, then the job of managing the home can officially start. There are many activities that need to be done in housekeeping.

Chief among the activities that are necessary in the house is cooking, or providing food. This makes the kitchen a very important room. The kitchen is actually a factory since in here, raw materials go in and come out processed as edible food. Again, unless it is in the home of a single man, the responsibilities and authority of the kitchen usually go to the wife or mother of the home. The wife is supposed to plan what foods to buy, what she will cook, what time to cook, and what to throw away.

Today the woman of the house has to know more than just what she will cook but she also needs to carefully choose the food according to its health benefits. She has to know the needs of each person in the house and provide food that is nutritionally beneficial for them. She has to know when they are to be fed and what quantities each person in the house will need.

After the food is prepared it has to be served. Serving food is also an activity that can be complex in terms of the utensils to be used, how to serve the food, the quantities to be served, and the time to serve each type of food. After serving the food, the dishes have to be washed. Dishwashing is an activity that can be shared among the people in the house.

Apart from cleaning the dishes, the entire house also needs frequent cleaning to maintain it in a desirable condition. Vacuuming or cleaning of the floors has to be done often, same as dusting. Clothes and other household clothing such as beddings, curtains, carpets, etc. also have to be cleaned regularly. Many times families hire external people to provide cleaning and sanitation services.

These are just some of the basic things that have to be done to ensure that a home is a home.

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